Navratri Makeup Tips - Navratri Special Makeup Tips - 2020
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Navratri is just around the corner and it’s time to get your outfit, accessories, jewelry, and makeup ready for Navratri. Navratri is one of the largely celebrated festivals in India and It also marks the beginning of the festive season. The most important aspect of Navratri is Garba nights where women come all dressed up and dance to the tunes on Garba songs. They wear the traditional Chaniya Choli outfits to play the famous Dandiya and Garba Raas. However, most women also worry about their skin going out of control during the festive season. Since this is also a chance to meet new people, several women start gearing up for their skin even before the festival begins. Though there are only a few days left for Navratri to begin, it is not too late yet. There is a lot that you can still do to make sure that your skin is glowing all through the 9 days of Navratri.

Here are some foolproof Navratri makeup tips that you should follow.

Prime Your Face

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This is an essential step before starting any makeup routine. A face primer helps even the application of makeup and helps it stays longer. It helps smooth your skin and creates a barrier so that your makeup doesn’t smudge along with your sweat. A waterproof primer would be your best bet for the Dandiya night. Also, it is imperative to use an eye primer to avoid a caked and smudged eyeshadow look.

Water-based Makeup

Navratri makeup

Water-based makeup products are light on the skin, and because you will inevitably sweat, you do not want your makeup to melt. Use a light foundation that will easily blend into the skin. Also, if you have dry skin, make sure you moisturize your face thoroughly before applying any makeup.

Eyeshadow Colours

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Eye makeups are the most highlighting aspect of your Garba look. Also not to forget the fact that eye makeup, if not done with proper care, can ruin your look effortlessly. Since your outfit will be multicolored, so you should avoid heavy eye makeup. Choose the neutral colors for eyes like a simple smokey eye, copper, bronze, gold, etc. Avoid putting a matching eyeshadow with your dress. Also, for lasting eye makeup, use cream-based eyeshadows and set it with powder eyeshadow. Cream eyeshadows not just stay longer but highly pigmented as well.

Large Eyelashes

Navratri makeup

Your eyes also play an essential role to give you a perfect Garba look. Use a thick coat of waterproof mascara. Wearing mascara will open your eyes and make them look expressive. If you want to add more drama, you can also wear artificial eyelashes. Take a beautiful coat of eyeliner (thick or thin according to your eye shape).

Perfect Lips

Navratri makeup

Lipstick will complete your look and will give a beautiful look to your lips. If you are going for a darker eyeshadow, choose a subtle lip color such as a peach pink, light corals, and orange also works perfect on Indian skin tones. If you are going with bright color eyeshadow, balance your makeup with a dark vibrant mouth with red, burgundy or plum.

Carry a Face Mist

Navratri makeup

The cool spray of the face mist will cool your face, thus keeping your makeup intact. Carry it with you to the Dandiya night, and keep spraying your face once in a while. This will help reduce the heat and keep you looking fresh through the night.

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